Your Guide to Architectural Photography

Commissioning Photography - Who Owns the Images?

There are two ways to engage the services of Blackstock Photography for architectural and interiors work. In the majority of projects, Blackstock Photography will collaborate with one or more clients to capture a single project. Then Blackstock Photography will license the resulting images to each party separately. When there are more parties involved, each pays a slightly lower rate than if they had commissioned the shoot alone. For example, on one construction project, the architect, general contractor, and interior designer may all want to invest in the photography. Additionally, Blackstock Photography will seek to license the resulting images, with the property owner's permission, to additional third parties such as a stock photo agency or advertisers. In this case, Blackstock Photography retains all copyrights indefinitely. The potential additional income from a third party makes this arrangement more economical for the original licensing parties.

Another route for hiring BP is to sign a "Work for Hire Agreement." There is an increased fee for this arrangement since Blackstock Photography signs over all copyrights to the client and cannot use them for additional income from third parties. 

Planning Your Shoot - Timing is Everything

Graphics software is capable of fixing a great many problems in an image, but there is no substitute for natural, beautiful light during the photo shoot. Whenever possible, we try to scout each location prior to the shoot to determine the best time for optimal light. 

Editing and Delivery

Following the photo shoot, we will make global changes for sharpness, minor flaws, and color correction, and then post the images to an online private gallery for you. Review the gallery at your leisure,  request any further changes you would like to see, and make your final selection of images. You pay only for the shots you want to use. Once we have made final changes, we will post the final high-res images for you to download in one click. 


We will provide an estimate customized for your project. A 50% deposit is required upon contract signature, and the balance is due after final image selection, but before the images are available for download. Please call 201-988-1304 for more information about pricing.

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